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We are excited by the new Google satellite imagery for the Auckland area. This new view of our largest city is only weeks old, we’ve created a short Google Earth Tour of some of the apartment sites we at Envivo are working on click here.  We have plenty more in progress…

Complex Industrial Site scanned for redevelopment

Envivo-3d-laser-scanning-point-cloud-survey-surveyor-asset-management-piping-infrastructure-silo-plant-oil-and-gas-2014A Envivo-3d-laser-scanning-survey-surveyor-silo-pipes-infrastructure-plant-industrial-model-point-cloud-2014 Envivo-3d-laser-scanning-survey-surveyor-silo-pipes-infrastructure-plant-industrial-model-point-cloud-Brent-Tassell-2014 Envivo-3d-laser-scanning-survey-surveyor-silo-pipes-infrastructure-plant-industrial-model-point-cloud-tank

Envivo was commissioned to scan a highly complex industrial site. Prior to expanding their plant, our client requested a 3D model in order to explore how various infrastructure designs could work, focusing particularly on asbuilt information of their existing pipe infrastructure.

The site was tricky with multiple pipes running in all directions and intersecting in spaghetti-like configurations. It would have been difficult to capture the intricate pipe fittings and elbows with traditional surveys, so we used 3d laser scanning for a clearer understanding of the piping network.

Traditional surveying of the pipe network & above ground assets would have taken an over seven days on-site. Instead, Envivo scanned the site in three days with the Leica C-10 using 3D laser scanning technology.

The ability to model accurately from the point cloud, and then toggle the cloud on-an-off during design is of huge benefit to designers. It is designing in the real world from your desktop.

Mark Finlayson, Survey Director, said “It was an interesting project. We provided two products – a traditional 2D topographical drawing package and a 3D model, which work together beautifully to provide a rich source of site information. We amalgamated council data and underground information that the client didn’t have previously and this will be useful for future scoping of works, upgrades and maintenance.”

“We provide the client the same information in several formats. One such deliverable is the Truview 360 degree photo-realistic viewer with an online link and the ability to annotate directly over the photos. There is no compromise in photographic quality and the entire site can be investigated from the perspective of any of the set-up points.”


  • Our surveyors had a very short window of time on-site at the extremely busy plant
  • Challenging site of mixed services including pipe networks, structures and piers scanned to create a 3D model
  • 2d topographical drawing package and 3D model provided to the client
  • Amalgamation of council services and underground information to give a single rich source of information

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