Envivo_environmental_engineering_surveying_planning_Auckland_Christchurch_wastewater_stormwater_overland_flow_erosion_sediment_contamination_land Envivo_environmental_engineering_surveying_planning_Auckland_Christchurch_wastewater_stormwater_overland_flow_erosion_sediment_contamination_land Envivo_environmental_engineering_surveying_planning_Auckland_Christchurch_earthworks_contaminated_land_wastewater_stormwater_overland_flow_erosion_sediment


We take an environmentally conscious approach that incorporates innovative methods to reduce the impact on people and the environment, and enhance environmental outcomes wherever possible. Limiting the impact of land development, earthworks, stormwater diversion and wastewater disposal are crucial to many development projects.

  • Wastewater
  • Stormwater
  • Overland Flow and Flooding
  • Erosion and sediment control
  • Contaminated Land Management
  • Earthworks Management
  • Industrial Trade Activities

Our range of environmental engineering services

Environmental Engineering
Our engineers often collaborate with our multi-disciplinary teams to create leading-edge environmental enhancements and sustainable developments.

Our head engineer, Chris Shortt, designed the water recycling plant for the Currumbin Ecovillage in Australia in 2006, which won the award for the best sustainable development in the world.

Wastewater treatment design
Whether your development site has reticulated sewerage or requires an on-site solution, we have expert knowledge and extensive experience in wastewater design and systems to meet health and environmental standards.

Our engineers have particular expertise in on-site and package wastewater treatment solutions, including installations that are equally effective in unserviced urban locations and in rural areas.  Read More.  We have experience overcoming challenges on-site such as space availability and challenging geotech and ground conditions.

  • Reticulated network design
  • Network/capacity assessments
  • On-site solutions (TP58)
  • Systems to meet health and environmental standards.
  • Urban locations and in rural areas.
  • Sustainable and environmentally friendly

Stormwater treatment solutions
We are experts in low impact design solutions. Wehther your development requires raingardens or swales for stormwater treatment or wetlands and ponds for detention and attenuation our environmental team can provide a sustainable and practical outcome for your project.  Read More.

  • Low impact design solutions
  • Raingardens
  • Swales for stormwater treatment
  • Wetlands and ponds for detention, attenuation and quality requirements (TP10 guidelines)
  • Overland flow path designs
  • Soakage Designs
  • Culvert Designs
  • Operation and Maintenance reports for stormwater devices


Overland Flow and Flooding  
With large parts of Auckland affected by overland flow and flooding issues it’s important to ensure you are fully informed. Overland flow and flooding issues can have implications on site and building design, placement of new structures and overall viability of your project. Read More

Envivo’s environmental engineers have a wealth of experience in reviewing existing catchments, council flood records and other GIS data to determine the likely effects of overland flow on your property. From that information we provide a comprehensive report detailing minimum finished floor level requirements, flood extents within the property and engineering solutions to manage overland flow and flood hazards.

Erosion and Sediment control
Our environmental team is able to undertake earthworks design, including erosion and sediment control solutions in accordance with the relevant Council standards. Working closely with industry we can provide a full construction management plan for your specific site including use of cutting edge sustainable technologies and practices.  Read More.

  • Earthworks design and reporting (TP90 guidelines)
  • Erosion and sediment control solutions
  • Construction management plans
  • Site Monitoring

Contamination Land Management
Our team prepares preliminary site investigations (PSIs), detailed site investigations (DSIs), remediation action plans, site validation reports and site management plans in line with the National Environmental Standards. Read More.

  • Preliminary site investigations (PSIs)
  • Detailed site investigations,
  • Remediation action plans
  • Site validation reports
  • Site management plans
    in line with the National Environmental Standards and Contaminated Land Management Guidelines.

Earthworks Management
We work closely with both our in-house consultants and external professionals on-site to ensure smooth earthworks management.  This may include land surveying for deformation, planning and resource consents and civil engineering processes.

Industrial Trade Activities

  • Preparation of Environmental Management Plans for Industrial Trade Activities consent applications
  • Stream Assessments
  • Consulting for Council (review of other consultants reports)

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