Blackbox22 for Watercare

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Envivo surveyors and engineers are working with Watercare on asset capture of their infrastructure.  Watercare is working in alignment with Envivo with the Blackbox22 software programme.

Leading the charge is surveyor William Bielby, who is busy mastering the new software for asbuilt survey processing.

Highly accurate As-Built information is crucial to the efficient management, operation, maintenance and knowledge of each and every site. Watercare have identified that timeliness, consistency and accuracy of information is crucial to their business model – naturally choosing Envivo surveyors.

Will said “the best thing about Blackbox22 is that it will save a huge amount of time, in the past we provided DWG format files and Watercare would use CAD to convert the surveys.  Problems arose when the points wouldn’t snap and often the data was incompatible with Auckland Council GIS mapping.  Now we are using Blackbox22 and providing shapefiles which converts CAD to GIS effortlessly.  Watercare can now take our survey data and layer it straight onto the Auckland GIS or GEOmaps and as well as reducing processing time it also increases the accuracy as we are all utilising the same information, it’s a seamless transition.”

The advantages to Watercare are:

  • Streamline of survey services, the deliverables are exactly what Watercare needs in the format that’s easy to use
  • Faster delivery and faster processing time at Watercare’s end (our surveyors are dramatically reducing the processing time)
  • Accurate and complete asset data is delivered directly into the Watercare GIS system
  • Improved efficiency and effectiveness

Will added “I’ve found Blackbox22 straightforward to use, there is a how to guide to set up the software and Scott Ferguson from A2K Technologies has been very helpful.  We are definitely early adopters and are always keen to try advanced new software and work with clients such as Watercare to ensure we can make it as easy as possible for all stakeholders.”

Mark Finlayson, survey director, said “This is a wonderful opportunity for our clients to leverage the time savings this new software provides.  We can offer this information for drainlayers and civil engineers, in fact, anyone who is working with Watercare will find this survey system useful.”

We can survey anything, we have a range of equipment and highly trained technicians that have experience in capturing structures such as pump stations, reservoirs, treatment plants, chambers, sluice valves, water mains, service line, fittings, manholes, valves, fittings, hydrant, water meters, valves, fire hydrants etc.  large or small, we can measure it, click here to read more about our surveying services.

Summary:  Watercare Services Ltd (WSL) has chosen blackbox22 to automate the asbuilt capturing process. blackbox22 is a comprehensive software solution designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the asbuilt capture process by ensuring compliance with Watercare’s asbuilt standards – enabling Watercare to input accurate and complete asset data directly into their GIS and AMIS.  Using blackbox22, users can easily comply with the WSL asbuilt requirements by using the customised templates specific to Watercare.