Retirement Villages

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Envivo engineers, surveyors and planners have plenty of experience with retirement villages.

Whether your site is greenfield or an expansion of an existing complex your project will benefit from our experienced team with in-house multi-disciplinary services.  We work closely with Councils and know all about the rules and regulations.  Our consultants offer impartial and practical advice.

Our services include:

  • Planning reports – includes an overview of everything you need to know about a property including zoning, regulations, likely developmental restrictions and opportunities
  • Due Diligence – ideal for those looking at purchasing a property and wanting to establish how it could be utilised prior to progressing the purchase
  • Feasibility study – ideal for those who already have a property and are looking to expand or change the utilisation. Whatever your aspirations, it is important to find out if it’s likely to be feasible, the consenting process, the time frame and costs.

We suggest an initial meeting where our professional staff aim to understand the preliminary development concept.  We investigate data available through numerous sources such as Councils, LINZ, the Auckland Unitary Plan, the Certificate of Title and relevant consent notices.

Our consultants can proceed to:

  • Co-ordinate with specialists required for the project
  • Organise a pre-application meeting with council to confirm requirements such as activity status, development engineering requirements, parking ratios etc.
  • Resource consents, which may include an Assessment of Environmental Effect, Land Use resource consent application, Land Transfer Survey (if required)
  • Engage an architect, a structural engineer and a geotechnical engineer to undertake building and foundation design
  • A full site survey, topographical survey, asbuilt, as needed
  • A Licensed Cadastral Surveyor (LCS) may be engaged to prepare a scheme plan (we have eight LCS’s in-house)
  • Civil Engineering design for access, including roading, footpaths, driveways, etc.
  • Civil Engineering Infrastructure design for the provision of sewage, water supply, stormwater drainage, earthworks, power and telecommunication services
  • Undertake development engineering design including storm water, waste water and service connections
  • Engage a traffic engineer to undertake access, parking, loading and on site manoeuvring design

We have in-house multidisciplinary skills in engineering, planning, contract preparation, programming, risk management, value management and facilitation. If a project requires additional expertise we have a network of leading experts we work with. We manage construction projects and can assist from the outset.