Auckland Unitary Plan now online

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More than 9,400 submissions on the Proposed Auckland Unitary Plan received during the five-month formal consultation period are now online.

Along with the original submissions, a summary report that captures each of the 93,600 requests is now available. The report is the largest of its kind since the Resource Management Act came into effect in 1991.

The most frequently addressed topics in the submissions included rezoning, residential rules, urban growth, and business rules.

The submissions can be searched by submitter details, or by themes such as air quality, business, residential, earthworks, natural hazards, flooding and transport.

People now have 30 working days to make a further submission if they are a person with an interest greater than the general public or represent a matter of public interest.

Hard copies of the summary of decisions requested report will be available at selected Auckland libraries, service centres and local board offices.

To view the submissions and for information on the further submission phase visit

James Hook, Envivo Planning Director says “any person may review the submissions made to the Plan and make a submissions in support or opposition to those changes to the Unitary Plan requested by other submitters.  For example a further submission could support a request to change the zoning of a property, or oppose a request for increased height or density on a specific property, or within a specific zone (or vice versa).”

The Planning Team at Envivo can assist in reviewing submissions relating to you property interests, advise on the need for further submissions and prepare those submissions on your behalf.  For these services please contact our Planning Director – James Hook.