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Practically Perfect Parking Solutions

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Every property needs to have good access and efficient parking. This is where an experienced traffic engineer is necessary – to ensure not only that your site complies with the local regulations, but also that your plan is safe, effective and works in the real world. Council will only approve submissions that can prove all these requirements are met.

Parking is more complicated than measuring out a few metres and painting some lines – there are factors to consider; capacity, carpark layouts, manouevring, carpark demand assessments etc.

Our traffic engineers are experts in translating and understanding Council rules. Regulations vary in different areas and also depend on what the site will be used for, such as residential, commercial, retail.

An experienced traffic engineer is an asset to any development project. Interpreting the rules and ensuring the necessary calculations are included in resource consents and engineering design is imperative to the success of your plan.

A recent example of a subdivision we worked on required a detailed parking analysis. The site was steep and difficult to access with considerable earthworks needed. The architect had designed a series of homes cascading down a hill and each needed access and parking plans for the resource consent application. Due to space constraints the site could only provide nine car parking spaces compared to Council requirements of twelve spaces. Our traffic engineer successfully demonstrate such a short-fall to be acceptable along with an innovative stack-parking layout design solution. The property owner was pleased with the solutions our traffic and civil engineers provided – an integrated solution that ticked all the boxes.

The Envivo planners, surveyors and engineers have a wealth of experience in providing the Council the exact information required. For specialist development advice, feasibility studies, parking, traffic and transportation services contact the Envivo team.

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