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Integrated Transport Assessments & Traffic Engineering

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Integrated Transport Assessments are required for most developments, especially subdivisions and greenfield developments. Envivo civil and traffic engineers work together with our planning team to ensure that resource consent applications include all the information a Council assessor needs to green-light a submission. Resource consents require a comprehensive description of how local traffic will be affected.

Our engineers review the area, undertake a traffic survey to assess the traffic situation currently in the area, anticipate changes in the volume, direction, flow etc. and provide a transport assessment report to be incorporated into your resource consent application.

Intersection analysis and design is vital for any new development. The Council will want to know exactly how your proposed scheme will impact and integrate with the current roading infrastructure. Our team of traffic experts can assist with this, providing detailed analysis, assessment and design.

We have provided traffic engineering services for a wide variety of projects; from residential to commercial, infrastructure and coastal developments. A recent example of a proposed subdivision in central Auckland required a new vehicle crossing, driveway plan, vehicle tracking curves and a report on the existing transport environment and possible traffic impacts. Due to the compact nature of the site the plans included a shared access way and a complete manouevring plan, skillfully created by our engineers through their research and understanding of the local conditions. The client is happy that the application achieved non-notified consent and is well underway.

Auckland Council will ask for evidence and supporting documentation on their queries, such as:

  • Does the proposal comply with the parking and loading requirements for the activity?
  • Provide a table showing existing and proposed requirements; and assess non-compliance as appropriate. If there is a shortfall a report from a suitably qualified consultant may be required
  • Does the proposal comply with carpark dimensions, manoeuvring requirements and gradients of parking spaces and driveways?
  • Show compliance and assess areas of non-compliance. A report from a suitably qualified consultant to address areas of non-compliance may be required.
  • Does the proposal involve works within the road reserve or will it result in a significant impact on the local roading network?
  • Transport Assets approval should be sought prior to lodgement of the application.
  • Attach plans and information that shows I attach plans and information that shows
    o the height, shape, and bulk of the public work, project, or work; and
    o the location on the site of the public work, project, or work; and
    o the likely finished contour of the site; and
    o the vehicular access, circulation, and the provision for parking; and
    o the landscaping proposed; and
    o any other matters to avoid, remedy, or mitigate any adverse effects on the environment.

You may need to provide written specialist report(s) to support your application, depending on the scale and significance of your proposal. For example, if traffic generation is a significant issue for your project, you may need to engage a traffic engineer to prepare a report describing the effects of your project on surrounding roads. The more detailed and accurate the information you provide, the quicker and more efficiently the Council will be able to process your application.

The Envivo planners, surveyors and engineers have a wealth of experience in providing the Council the exact information required. For specialist development advice, feasibility studies, parking, traffic and transportation services contact the Envivo team.

For more information on Resource Consent applications see:  Auckland Council Guidance Notes

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