Traffic Engineering

Traffic Engineering


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Our range of traffic engineering services

Envivo offers specialist professional services in traffic and transportation engineering.

Our in-house transportation and traffic team works to provide practical and innovative solutions and strategies to manage the movement and flow of traffic, determine the implications of proposed projects and maximise the benefit to your project.

Good transportation planning and traffic engineering design will support and enhance your development.

We tailor our services to meet the specific requirements of each project we work on, employing the latest technology and the expertise of a highly skilled team to deliver exceptional outcomes

Our Services

Integrated Transport Assessments (ITA)

As part of any resource consent application it is very likely you will be required to produce a Integrated Transport assessments. Our engineers review the area, undertake a traffic survey to assess the traffic situation currently in the area, anticipate changes in the volume, direction, flow etc. and create a traffic management plan that can be incorporated into your resource consent application.

Intersection analysis and design is vital for any new development. The Council will want to know exactly how your proposed scheme will impact and integrate with the current roading infrastructure. Our team of traffic experts can assist with this, providing detailed analysis, assessment and design.


Council rules enforce parking regulations on every kind of property development, whether you are planning a residential subdivision, a commercial retail property or a daycare. Parking management analysis will be integral to the success of your project.   Our engineers are specialists in accessibility design, carpark layouts, provisions and control – and car park demand assessments.

Transportation modelling,

We can provide a wide range of transportation modelling services including micro-simulation modelling, SIDRA, road safety audits, traffic signals design and management and data surveys. We also provide expert advice on walking, cycling and public transport studies.

Our team can produce roading infrastructure designs in both 2d and 3d formats. We review all the options and take your ideas through to conceptual drawings and even 3-dimensional detailed design, if needed.   Working drawings and detailed designs can be provided for resource consent approval and construction.

Other Traffic Services

  • Asset Management (RAMM) – Road Asset Maintenance Management
  • Accessibility Design -Access way, parking and vehicle manoeuvring movement
  • Traffic Surveys – Traffic counts, O-D matrix, Travel times
  • Crash Investigation – accident reports and possible causes
  • Road Safety Audit – at different stages – concept, design and post construction
  • Traffic Signals – signalised intersections including pedestrian crossings
  • SCATS Operations – Traffic signal operation software analysis
  • Intersection Analysis – road safety and efficiency
  • Corridor Network Studies – network operating plan
  • Walking, Cycling and Public Transport for Active Road Users
  • Traffic Control Devices Implementations
  • Local Area Traffic Management (LATM)
  • Road Pavement design
  • Macro-simulation Network Modelling – PARAMICS/SATURN & extensive regional transport data
  • Street Lighting Design
  • Peer Reviews

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