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Envivo Project Management delivers successful projects through understanding our clients’ project goals. We add value by bringing our expertise and experience to fulfil your objectives.

We have in-house multidisciplinary skills in engineering, planning, contract preparation, programming, risk management, value management and facilitation. If a project requires additional expertise we have a network of leading experts we work with. We manage construction projects including:

Project Management
From conception to final sign-off. Our engineers manage all aspects of delivery and work closely with contractors and consultants from many different disciplines, managing project expectations and bringing in results on-time and on-budget. We thoroughly understand the challenges of delivering projects in the Auckland region.  See some of our projects, click here.

Design process and building consents
We have a multi-disciplinary in-house team with the resources and expertise to look after all your interests on-site to ensure your project goes smoothly. Our planners, surveyors and engineers have a wealth of experience on a huge variety of projects and a real-world practicality that gives us the edge.

Contractor selection
We are specialists in contract documentation, tenders and capability assessments.  We work with numerous multidisciplinary professionals — co-ordinating resources to ensure your project goes smoothly.

Contract Negotiations
Our team manages contract negotiations including drafting and administering construction contracts, providing highly experienced staff to undertake the roles of Engineer to the Contract and Engineer’s Representative that are required by NZS 3910.

Financial and Cost Management
Project budgeting and tracking, assessing claims are all part of ensuring a project runs on-time and on-budget. We provide reporting how and when you need it, with an agreed communications and financial review plan.

Health and Safety
We can advise your obligations under the new Health and Safety regulations and how we can help you manage your risks and exposure under this legislation during construction works.

Management Surveillance and Quality Assurance (MSQA)
Envivo can provide engineers and surveyors to monitor and check that the construction works are being carried out correctly and efficiently and our expert planners and environmental Clerks of Works will also review the site to ensure consent conditions are being met.

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