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At Envivo, our engineers bring 360 degree thinking to every challenge. We’re problem solvers. Our clients’ goals and challenges always come first. Our team of engineers takes pride in delivering innovative, cost-effective, robust and sustainable engineering solutions. Above all else, our engineering outcomes meet relevant council requirements and achieve our clients’ project goals in the smartest, most effective way. Working as part of a multi-disciplinary team providing planning, surveying and engineering services, our professional engineering team offers a wide range of civil, structural and environmental engineering services.

Meet the right engineers for the job

Our engineering team has extensive experience in all aspects of civil and structural engineering.

Tony Smith is our Principal Engineer (Civil), managing engineering projects, working closely with the Project Management team and Structural Engineering teams.  Tony has extensive experience in civil and infrastructure engineering throughout New Zealand.  Click here to read more about Tony.

The Civil team is headed by senior engineer, Chris Shortt, who is renowned for leading projects that support land development, wastewater, infrastructure and environmentally sustainable solutions.

The project management team is run by Stuart Meakins, our Projects Team Manager. Stuart has over 25 years experience in civil engineering and project management. He has the perfect balance of engineering expertise, organisational skills and communication abilities that ensure everyone is fully informed and working together effectively towards a successful and timely result.


Our Structural engineering team is led by Rob Walsham, with experience in building analysis, structural building design, design reviews and general consultations, seismic engineering and structural design for civil projects.

From concept to construction your project will be stronger with our team working for you.

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